about madzin

MADZIN, a joint venture between Madhuritu Dutta and Stanzin Dazes, is a reflection of their unique aesthetics and commitment to excellence. Their journey began in NIFT, Mumbai, where both pursued their degrees in Design. In 2012, they co-founded Madsam Tinzin, a much loved women’s wear brand, based in Delhi, India. After a decade of a successful run, in 2023, the brand was restructured. Madhuritu and Stanzin formed a new collaboration, MADZIN, to take their visioun forward. As partners, both bring their creative experiences ad passion for the traditional techniques of surface ornamentation. MADZIN is a brand for all those who appreciate and understand excellent craftsmanship.

It embraces eternal spring, and the design language reflects that. Our designs are infused with nature’s unique colour stories and patterns. Spring endlessly inspires the brand’s motifs and combinations. Evoking a season of youthful joy, we celebrates new beginnings, setting the mood for each new collection. The brand thrives on creating a line of Indian wear for both men and women. The emphasis is on individuality and usability, rather than fleeting trends. Each collection focuses on luxurious fabrics, classic silhouettes, and intricate techniques of embroidery that honor the legacy of the craft. We ensure that each piece if a reflection of their commitment to originality, quality and ethical practices